Coworking in Munich

Whether you opt for a longer or shorter stay in Munich, you are taking the right decision. This town in the very south of Germany has a lot of charm and is situated in one of the most superb areas Germany has to offer. The town itself presents a number of cultural and gastronomical attractions and places to spend your pastime – so, welcome to the capital of Bavaria, the „town with a heart“!

Working with other internationals

If you want to set up store or just have to fnish a thesis or else have some other important work to do, the easiest way to be conncted to the world is by working at a co-working space. There are quite a few of those situated in Munich, ranging form the more simplistic to the truly posh. So, wherever you may find yourself, there is bound to be an office waiting just for you, fuss-free and fully furnished. Here, you will find a fixed desk or a flexible desk, you choose! What you will gain by any chance, is a bunch of nice „colleagues“ from all over the world, relaxed and creative people to spend your lunch break with and set out into the night after work is done. So, you will never feel alone in Munich and have a head start for your career at the same time.

Bavaria in all its splendour

Since you will also have some days off, you might explore beautiful Bavaria. In the winter, it´s, of course, skiing time. In the summer, you can sit in one of the scenic „Biergärten“, enjoying a special light beer called „Hefeweizen“. Prost! Or else you can take a trip to one of the nearby lakes and go for a swim. Your choice cannot be better; this is after all Germany at its most comfy and friendly. And you always have a place to return to – your co-working space!

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